Litrozzo Bianco by Le Coste di Gradoli winery is one of those wines that you just want to open with friends - lots of friends, it's a 1-liter bottle.  Made from a field blend of local varietals farmed organically, fermented spontaneously with native yeasts, unfiltered, unfined, no added sulfites.


Le Coste di Gradoli is a winery located in Gradoli, Lazio, Central Italy, near the volcanic Lake Bolsena. The 14-hectare estate is owned and operated by Gianmarco Antonuzzi and Clementine Bouveron. It comprises of a vineyard, olive groves, chestnut trees, shrubs, and oaks. The terroir of this region is characterized by iron-rich soil and a mild climate - not quite Mediterranean but not fully continental.

Gianmarco and Clementine do everything by hand, adopting a biodynamic approach in the vineyard - Le Coste di Gradoli is certified organic - and low-intervention one in the cellar.



Le Coste Litrozzo Vino Bianco, 2020, Lazio, IT

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